In a world where "concept" bars and restaurants are all the rage, it's nice to see an establishment that's completely the opposite. This no frills, drink-all-you-want sake-only bar in Tokyo is exactly just that.

For just 3000 yen, or about 30 dollars, you can drink as much sake as you can and stay as long as you like. Yamachan, a sake bar near Shinjuku, takes no frills to the extreme. Pretty much a self-serve bar, customers are asked to open the sake fridge, choose their sakes, and pour for themselves. And not only is Yamachan self service, the bar itself is about as minimal as you can get, with cheap wooden tables, chairs, and no decorations to speak of. And there are absolutely zero cocktails, and nothing to eat, either. But you can bring your own ingredients and appliances and cook and eat your own food as you enjoy all the different types of sake, of which Yamachan has 60. If you forget to bring food, just go to the nearest convenience store in the middle of your drinking session and bring back your favorite snacks. You can even bring your own non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks! Yamachan will provide the sake. This bar is strictly for those who love getting drunk and have no money.

The owner of Yamachan, whose nickname is Yamachan, is obviously a humanitarian.

On the 4th floor, above a real estate office

Looks like a classroom!

Drink all you want for 3000 yen

See Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo reunited on the screen in the scandalous melodrama Temptation

Party time