A Chinese official got a piggyback ride to keep his shoes dry. Say what? Doesn't he know piggyback rides are reserved for K-drama couples in love? The whole story is shocking.

Recent rainstorms in the Guixi area in China's Jianxi province have led to rivers flooding. On June 21, three elementary school students fell into the flooding river. The accident resulted in one dead and one missing. A local government official went to the scene to check. Allegedly, because he didn't want his name-brand shoes to get wet, he had someone give him a piggyback ride.

After this photo was uploaded, it instantly became trending among China's netizens. Chinese people are already familiar with the privileged ways of many government officials. One netizen commented that 'officials don't know how long lines are for seeking medical care; they only take airplane flights when they travel; they ride in government cars; and they have someone hold the umbrella when it rains.' Therefore, the netizen cynically concluded, 'it's no wonder a piggyback ride is necessary when there is a flood.' Another netizen asked,'I want to ask his supervisors, which is more important, life or shoes?'

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This official was identified as Wang Junhwa, the deputy chief of the administration department in the city of Guixi. The city explained that the security guard voluntarily offered to give Wang the piggyback ride. Wang has been fired for damaging the 'good image of Community party officials.'