Just because you're a penguin, it doesn't mean that you can't have a crush on a human. And that is certainly true for Sakura, a ten-year-old penguin who lives at the Matsue Vogel Park aviary center in Japan. The cute female penguin's crush is on Tsuyoshi Notsu, who works at the center. Apparently, Sakura has been smitten with Tsuyoshi Notsu since last December, and not only does she follow him everywhere he goes, the penguin also often makes courting poses at the employee.

Penguins are known to be attracted to lower frequency voices like that of Tsuyoshi Notsu. The story is especially touching given that last October, the penguin lost her lifelong mate, Musashi.

Check out the really adorable video of the penguin chasing around her Valentine's Day crush.

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Be careful you two, there are very few restaurants that take human/penguin reservations.