A pillow goes on sale in Japan tomorrow! And it's not just any pillow, but a pillow sanctioned by the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Association.

Looking for a nice pillow? Forget Tempur-Pedics. What you really want is a pillow made by Makura Kabushikigaisha, which literally translates to Pillow Corporation. Now, this is a special pillow. It's not only for sleeping, but also for pillow fighting. Created with the technique of pillow fighting in mind, the inside of the pillow is packed with a soft latex. There are no zippers, fasteners or name tags, so as to prevent unnecessary injury. And it's designed in gray and white so that you can really see it coming at your face no matter what environment you're in. Wow. And all this in a pillow for 3150 yen, which is a little over 30 dollars.

No wonder the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Association announced this pillow as the official pillow to be used in the yearly All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships in Ito Onsen, a popular natural hot spring area in Shizuoka Prefecture.

I personally can't imagine soaking in a hot, relaxing, natural hot spring, only to be struck in the face an hour later by a flying pillow. But that's just me. Ohhhh, I get it. The hot spring comes AFTER the pillow fight!