A recently opened establishment in the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture has become the talk of the town, known for its variety of delicious pork dishes it serves alongside beer, sake and shochu, and for the adorable pig named Bao that runs the restaurant. 

TABOO, an izakaya that just opened last November that specializes in serving a variety of pork dishes, has an actual pig as a manager. The official name of the place is "TABOO, With the Tiny Pig Manager." It's a play on words, as the sound "BOO" is associated with what a pig sounds like in Japan. The bar's human owner, Kouta Inoue, thought up the gimmick as a way to get the attention of the younger generation who frequent the area where he opened his spot, which happens to be the fashion district of Kanazawa. "I thought customers would get a kick out of it," said Kouta. But it wasn't as easy as he thought to get the permits to keep a pig in a place that serves not only food, but pork dishes. Not only that, many customers at first show a little discomfort ordering and eating pork ramen while in the presence of an adorable pig right by their feet, but as Kouta says, they eventually get used to it and have a great time at his place.

Some animal rights supporters may think this is cruel to Bao, but maybe he's having a great time hanging around with people that adore him. And if he actually was aware of that fact that his life was spared, and will continue to be spared, he'd probably consider himself one lucky pig. Better being a manager than a pork dumpling.

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