A good rule of thumb is if you think North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is tweeting at you, he's definitely not. Unfortunately, Spanish singer Leticia Sabater did not know that lesson when she accepted a fake invitation by the Korean dictator to come and perform at what he was calling the Festival of Uranium.

The singer's 11,600 followers watched as she worked out the logistics with Kim Jong-un of what she thought was a real festival. She eventually found out that the whole thing was a prank and has tweeted twice about the incident, but not before this hilarious exchange between the singer and the very fake dictator. Who knew Kim Jong-un could speak fluent Spanish?

TRANSLATED: @Norcoreano (fake Kim Jong-un account)

@SABATERLETICIA Hi Leticia, as you know this year it is the Festival of Uranium and we would like to discuss it with you, give us your contact info.

Leticia Sabater: @norcoreano: What's that?

@SABATERLETICIA An international cultural fair that has a Spanish pavilion with a diverse group of participants.

@SABATERLETICIA Currently we have secured Carlos Baute [Venezuelan singer] and Ismael from Big Brother. Money is not an issue. It is celebrated in Pyongyang.

The fake Kim Jong-un account said that they already had other musicians in the festival and that money was not going to be a problem. Convinced, the singer then told the Kim Jong-un account that since he had her email, he should send over the festival details.

After Leticia Sabater, 47, found out that the whole thing was a hoax, she tweeted the following:


You are adorable bastards!!! hahaha

I was ready to buy an outfit to go to China to sing "Mr. Policeman" and "Letirap" for the Chinese.

That last one might have dug her into an even bigger hole, as last time we checked, North Korea is not in China.