We can finally report a Chinese marriage proposal that worked, unlike the awkward surprise proposal where the boyfriend was stone faced, or the one where a beautiful woman was rejected despite offering her car and a house. Maybe it's because in this case, the elaborate proposal involved many expensive cars.

Recently in the city of Zhengzhou in Hunan province, a man named Jia arrived in an expensive car to propose to his girlfriend. He was supported by friends who also came in their expensive cars. There was a lineup of 10 luxury autos, including such elite brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes Benz, parked at the fancy 360 Plaza in Zhengzhou.

While a crowd gathered to gawk at the expensive cars, the man came out with a bouquet of flowers. The huge LED screen overlooking the square played a video of his declaration of love. His girlfriend was so touched that she cried and accepted his proposal. Jia told the reporter that his girlfriend had no inkling beforehand and it was a total surprise to her. She was also given a Ferrari as a gift after she accepted the proposal.

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I can't even begin to wonder what would have happened if she had not accepted the proposal.