I have definitely suffered from haircuts that made my head look like a cone-shaped boulder, but I don't think I've ever been as upset as this cute little dog named Jin Dan. The adorable Pomeranian was so outraged over his haircut, that for a couple of days he only walked on two legs.

The protest is both hilarious and slightly creepy as the dog often looks like an Ewok who just might punch you in the face. Jin Dan's owner became so concerned about the fact that the dog wouldn't come down from his two-legged fighting position, she reached out to netizens to try and find help.

The owner then resorted to putting clothes on the pup in hopes that Jin Dan would come around, but to no avail. Eventually, Jin Dan snapped out of it after the dog visited the vet, where the animal doctor said that the pup was traumatized from the haircut and the owner just needed to spend more time with him. We're glad Jin Dan is back to normal, but secretly hope he comes up on both legs for some more really funny pics!

Jin Dan B.H. (Before Haircut):

Jin Dan not adjusting well to the new look:

Jin Dan doesn't care if he looks like a tablecloth, he's still standing:

Here Jin Dan looks a little like a creepy alien who has the ability to read minds:

Outside still skying high:

Back on all fours with that cute "no more haircuts ever" face.