Have you ever wished that Flower Boy Ramen Shop was real? Well, you are in luck because there is a flower boy in Taiwan who is making the ladies go crazy! Dubbed as "the hottest bean curd seller in Taiwan," this guy impresses customers with his handsome body and perfect six-pack.

This unassuming store that sells a sweet tofu desert called "dou hua" has been drawing big crowds in Taipei as the customers are eager to get a glimpse of this beautiful tofu seller. The rumor is that he is the son of the shop's owner, but he certainly looks like he belongs at a magazine photo shoot!

Check out his gorgeous photos below!

So beautiful! Maybe he can open his own Flower Boy Bean Curd shop. I'm sure we'd all love to go!

What do you think of Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller? Please share your thoughts below!

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