"Potato Chip Hand," a plastic device that allows you to eat potato chips without getting crumbs and grease all over your hands, has been impressing a lot of potato chip eaters.

I know getting greasy fingers when eating potato chips is not a big deal. Sometimes it's nice; you get to lick your fingers and taste the seasoning on the yummy crumbs. But we're adults here, and sometimes you just can't afford to get grease on the keyboard of your laptop, or maybe you're working on some important papers for school or work. So you eat your chips, get up in the middle of your work to go wash your hands, and end up wasting valuable minutes. Time is money!

Now if you had the Potato Chip Hand, you could work on that super important report for your boss, all the while munching on your favorite chips. If design is your line of work, you have multiple designs and colors to choose from. And because the manufacturer is thinking of you, Potato Chip Hand retails for only 545 yen. That's less than six dollars.

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So next time you're writing up that report and start craving your dill pickle potato chips, pick up your Potato Chip Hand so you don't get grease all over your precious work. Like I said... we're all adults here.