Want to get a new sofa for your apartment, but just can't find the space to put it? Check out the new Origami Sofa!

Living in a city like Tokyo or New York has its perks, but spacious living quarters isn't one of them. Even if the space looks big enough when you move in, it seems to shrink with every piece of furniture you add. We all want a sofa, whether to just lounge around in, or so that we can offer guests a place to sit. But sofas do take up a lot of space. Enter the new Origami Sofa.

Yumi Yoshida, a Japanese designer living in America, has come up with a brilliant concept. She designed a sofa that folds like origami. Origami is the traditional Japanese art (around since the 1600s) of folding paper into virtually anything. Cranes, flowers, airplanes, you name it. Yoshida created what is essentially a folding rug, one that is pre-folded into the shape of a sofa. When not in use, it can be folded and put away in a little corner, giving you the extra space you need, or it can be flattened out and used as a rug. The colors of the sofa are gray and orange. When used as a sofa, it's gray. Lay it on the floor as a rug and the orange side will show. Pretty cool.

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