For anyone who has ever bought clothes at a store and then discovered later that day that they make you look like a weird bird (I've done this a million times), there is a store in Japan just for you. The chain GU is revolutionizing the way that customers try on clothes in the store by letting them leave with them on.

For the rest of the month, the Tokyo's store will let customers participate in something called "GU Fitting." The service works by having a customer pick out a piece of clothing and then fill out a request to wear the clothes around in public. You have to return the clothes by the end of the day and are allowed to test out three pieces.

Make sure to get to the GU store early in the day because only 30 people can use the fitting service per day. GU is owned by the same company as Uniqlo, so the quality of clothes is unquestionably good, and I can definitely see this idea taking off in other stores!

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