Elementary school student Chen Jun-Yu is from a poor family in Taiwan. His father is a farmer and his mother shucks oysters. Recently, Chen won honors in a national musical competition as a gift to his mother who had to shuck 5,000 pounds of oysters to pay for his instrument. As this story brings tears to your eyes, listen to his beautiful performance with an unusual musical instrument from ancient China.

Chen Jun-Yu is a sixth grader in the Municipal Xiaji Elementary School in Taiwan's Jiayi County. Two years ago, the school discovered Chen was gifted in music and trained him on a Chinese musical instrument called a Sheng, which was invented over three thousand years ago in ancient China.

Chen won the county tournament and was going to compete at the national's. The school principle decided to buy him a new Sheng instead of having him use the old one that he had been borrowing from the school.

Chen's mother told the principle, "He is my child and I'll pay for nurturing him."

With tears in his eyes, Chen said he was touched and pained to know that his mother had to shuck 5,082 pounds of oysters to pay for the NT$73,000 (or USD$2,433) Sheng. He worked very hard and won excellence for his level at the national tournament.

This story was told by the school principle and it touched the entire school. Principle Tang said that even though Chen's mother has to shuck oysters for 12 hours a day, she has to respect the mother's wishes and let the mother pay. So far the mother has paid off half of the amount. Principle Tang added that Chen has won honors as a gift to his mother and his music teacher.

Here's Chen's winning performance at the county tournament:

The Sheng is so unique that we want to show you another video of the Sheng featured in a Chinese music orchestra performance of a piece called 'Winter Hunt."