A magical new hotel in Bali lets you experience what it's like having fishes as roommates. The luxury eco-friendly hotel is called the Bambu Indah Hotel, and it strives to create the same ambience as a fishing village for guests. Most impressively, the hotel has a glass-bottom room that lets guests see the nearby underwater life.

The owners of the hotel are from North America, but the rooms in the bridal houses are hand-carved by locals. I know you're probably thinking that rooms in elegant boutique hotels like these must be astronomically expensive, but shockingly enough, a room in the Udang House begins at $195. If you stay at the Udang House, you also get a luxurious outdoor shower.

Prices vary per house you stay in, with the two more upscale and pricy choices being the Pagoda and Jawa Lama House. Just please promise that if you stay at this hotel, you take a lot of pictures so we can see the fishes!

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