Clothes can make you look a certain way. This new t-shirt that made its Japanese debut actually makes you look physically different, sure to make others notice your Greek god-like upper body.

Just make sure you're not going to have to take your shirt off when you walk out the door. CQC, a clothing company from Kyoto, Japan, recently distributed a t-shirt/undershirt, aptly called Funkybod, that can make guys with skinny, stick-like upper bodies look like the Incredible Hulk. This is essentially like a male version of the Wonderbra. Because of this genius invention, there is no need for guys to do push-ups or even go to the gym. You can look and feel macho, all the while staying true to your wimpy self. I you think about it, if you just want to look buff, why bother lifting weights and doing all this strenuous exercise? Just buy this shirt!

Funkybod is a bit pricey in Japan, at 7950 yen, or about 80 dollars, but it also available online worldwide at The shirts come in white, gray, and black

I'm canceling my gym membership.

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