There's nothing quite like taking a bite out of a yummy soft serve serve ice cream cone on a hot summer day. And if you happened to be in Japan, you'd have more than your fair share of crazy flavors to choose from.

Personally, my favorite flavor is the chocolate vanilla swirl. That's what I get every single time. I don't even bother trying other flavors, it's been that way ever since I was a little kid growing up in Tokyo. But that was many years ago, and if I was a little kid in today's Japan, I might try something else, just out of sheer curiosity. If you saw the kind of soft serve ice cream that was available over there, I'm sure you probably would give it a shot, too.

Besides the ice creams on this list, there were many odd and not so odd sounding delicious flavors, everything from curry, sea urchin, cherry blossoms, and of course, a whole variety of local teas, fruits and vegetables. But most of the ones that were selected for this specific list are flavors that are probably just very weird.

Here's your top 10 craziest, whackiest soft serve ice cream flavors, straight out of Japan. So which one looks yummy to you?

1. Cup Noodle 


2. Sardines

3. Miso (miso powder, miso sauce and miso crunch)

4. Wasabi

5. Squid Ink

6. Udon with Soy Sauce and Scallions


7. Baron Potato (with a dab of salt)


8. Monjyayaki (a very thin Okonomiyaki)

9. Gold Leaf

10. Fried Shrimp