Japan is known for having animal-themed islands, and one of the most popular of these is Cat Island in Tashirojima. On this island, there are actually more cats there than there are humans. One incredible photographer named Fubirai recently took to the island to document the cats living in their habitat. Check out the intimate and very fun photos!

The cats were originally brought in to kill off mice, but not only did the felines stay and rapidly reproduce, cats are now treated as royalty. No one is allowed to keep cats as pets, and dogs are completely outlawed on the island. Locals see feeding the furry felines as good luck.

This is probably a married cat couple.

A second kitty couple with a cat in the background who is bored of love.

Kittens using their mom as a futon.

This cat doubles as a mop.

Kitty fist bump

This cat is about to start a boxing class.

Sir, we need to see your driver's license.

Daredevil cat, probably bungee jumping.

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Cat practicing Olympic diving techniques

A kitty street gang. Hide the warm milk!

These guys are actually boat captains.