Wang Wei is a nurse at China Meitan General Hospital in Beijing treasured by patients and doctors for her ever-present positive attitude, but life wasn’t always on the bright side for her.

Wang Wei and Bi Fujian, host of Xingguang Dadao

At the age of 8, Wang Wei was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, her parents could not afford the medical treatments, so they kept her in the dark to let her live out as normal of a life as possible. She took medication with the labels taken off for years. In 1998, she finally found out when her father informed her of the cancer after a second lump developed on her neck.

When she became 16, she learned that the cancer was spreading. Her parents sold the apartment in order to pay for Wang Wei to go to the best hospitals, but time after time, she managed to only just pull through. She fought through the grueling side effects of chemotherapy, but her cancer reached a point where she began coughing up blood. Seeing the real possibility of death, she wrote a letter to her favorite talent show, Xingguang Dadao, for a chance to sing. The producers of the show responded with her appearance and the telling of the family's struggles with her cancer.

By chance, the president of China Meitan General Hospital, Wang Mingxiao, was watching the episode on television and jumped on the chance to help. He called the producers of the show and offered free treatment with the best of the best for the ailing Wang Wei. The hospital organized a team of doctors, and in April 2008 they removed the original cancer tissues in a more than 6-hour long operation that normally takes about 2 hours. They were successful and she has been cancer-free ever since. Wang Mingxiao didn’t stop at the treatment. When he learned of Wang Wei’s high marks in school, he used his connections to enroll her in nursing school in Heilongjiang province. She recently graduated and now brightens the halls of China Meitan General Hospital everyday with her smile.