Every year in Thailand, thousands of monkeys get to eat like regal kings. In the town of Lopburi, about 150 kilometers north of Bangkok, several long-tailed macaques are treated to the 'Monkey Buffet Festival' a huge feast of fruits, vegetables and even some candy. The 4,000 kilograms of food are enjoyed by the roughly 3,000 monkeys in the neighborhood.

The festival was initially created to boost tourism in the area in 1989. The feast takes place in front of ancient temples that were built by the Khmer Empire in the 10th century. Hundreds of people line up to see the monkey's chow down, but festival administrators caution viewers not to get too close because the macaques are known for stealing things from onlookers. Just don't pack any monkey food and you should be fine!

This is the best day of this guy's life.

This monkey is basically swimming in food.

Enjoying his food pile.