Racial and ethnic prejudice exists all over the world in some form or other, and Japan is no exception. Despite the majority of Japanese people being more than welcoming and polite to foreigners, there are, like anywhere else, those who express their bigoted views by using freedom of speech as an excuse to target others as inferior. But in the end, they always lose because there will be those who will unite and fight against those who hate.

Hate speech has been a recent problem in Japan, with right wing, ultra conservative Japanese citizens getting together and publicly demonstrating against foreigners in Japan, mostly targeting Korean and Chinese. The views expressed by these dummies are of course not shared by most. Disenchanted and disappointed at their own situations in life, they parade down the street shouting out how Koreans should leave Japan or whatever else they they try to articulate. The reality is that no one really listens, so who really knows what they're really trying to say anyway?

To counter these haters, thousands of anti-hate speech activists got together on November 2nd to march in the "Tokyo No Hate Rally 2014" in Shuinjuku Ward. Organized mostly through social media, over 2800 showed up, to show solidarity with acceptance and inclusion, and to voice their resolve against racists and bigots.

Bottom caption: For our children, a world without racism

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