In the new Chinese epic romance Imperial Doctress, viewers know from the synopsis that two Ming Emperors (Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan) fall in love with Yun Xuan (Cecilia Liu), the lively and intelligent young woman who aspires to become a doctor against traditional norms. But did you know that there is a third man who also loves her? Intriguingly, all three men first meet Yun Xuan when they are in disguise as commoners. Here are profiles on Yun Xuan's three hot suitors. 

SPOILER ALERT: We will cover some details of the drama. You can first read about the impressive historical background, or visit FIRST LOOK to check out the colorful posters and watch a trailer if you haven't seen it yet. 

1. Zhu Qi Zhen (Emperor Yingzong), played by Wallace Huo, one of China's top leading man.

He was a young emperor who ascended to the throne during the Ming Dynasty, but his first reign was in name only as the real power was held by the Empress Dowager, his father's queen who adopted him as her official son. When the drama begins, he is in his 20s with a brash and impetuous temper, having endured years of frustration under the Empress Dowager.

He meets Tan Yun Xian ( Cecilia Liu) accidentally and helps her during urgent cases. Since he is under disguise as a commoner, Yun Xian doesn't know for a long time that her strange friend is actually the Emperor, which gives way to many hilarious encounters. The young woman turns out to be the greatest love of his life, making him a better emperor.

2. Zhu Qi Yu (Emperor Jingtai), played by Huang Xuan, rising Chinese leading man often nicknamed "National First Love".

He is Zhu Qi Zhen's younger brother, born to another royal concubine. The Empress Dowager and his own mother schemed to put him on the throne, but the two half brothers were close to each other. After he is hurt by an unknown enemy, he is saved by Yun Xian ( Cecilia Liu). When they meet again, the two quickly fall in love. However, he is also under disguise, and she believes that he comes from a wealthy merchant's family instead of the royal family. 

His love for Yun Xian is intense and romantic, but it also brings extreme danger because a high-ranking duke wants to marry his own daughter to him to form an alliance. 

3. Ye Xian (Esen Taishi, a powerful Mongolian leader), played by Yuan Wen Kang, rising Chinese actor. Yuan Wen Kang has seen his fame rise because of his successful performance and macho style in Mongolian costumes and on horseback.

The Mongolian king first meets Yun Xian when he falls sick and is taken by his followers to a nunnery where she is helping. Of course he is under disguise too, although Yun Xian is able to tell that he is not a Han, the major ethnicity in China. How he is saved by Yun Xian is really both interesting and funny, because it involves a rare recipe of natural ingredients. (You'll just have to watch it to see.)

In real history and in the drama, Ye Xian captures Zhu Qi Zhen in the Battle of Tumu Fortress, leading to the Ming emperor living under captivity and his brother taking over the throne.

So three men of royal lineage fall in love with Yung Xian! What's an aspiring Imperial Doctress to do? 

The drama does a fabulous job with a very enjoyable romance that is fused with real characters from history. 

I've become addicted to Imperial Doctress and binged through the first 10 episodes in one night. I totally agree with other fans who are asking about the next episodes. I've been assured that there'll be 5 more episodes every week, and you can certainly get the best English subtitles on DramaFever. 


Imperial Doctress

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