Though Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo has already ended, it's fun to wonder what could have happened! In fact, I know from a very trusting source (my imagination) that there were three alternate endings created for this series. You know, the writers just felt that this time, things should be different.


Alternate Ending 1: Kotoko cracks and transfers to an all girls college. Kotoko couldn't handle the rejection anymore. She couldn't stand the fact Naoki went so far as to have an engagement ceremony with another girl! There was no forgiving his actions, no matter what his true intentions were. The night of the engagement Kotoko and Kin-chan huddled around a laptop in the office of Aihara Restaurant and began googling for a new university. Kotoko was so in need of major mental relaxation that without much thought she applied to an all girls university and surprisingly got accepted right away.  After enrolling, she majored in human psychology, joined a cooking and tennis club , and after graduation opened Dating Agency: Aihara. Naoki's marriage ended in complete failure after 1 year because he was too busy with med school and running his fathers company on weekends. The End. Alternate Ending 2: Naoki dreamed the whole thing and woke up still in high school. One night Naoki was browsing through the DramaFever website and came across Playful Kiss. After marathoning the whole series he finally fell asleep at like 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday. With the drama still on his mind he dreamed the entire Mischievous Kiss series of him and Kotoko. Waking up in a cold sweat he realized Kotoko was a real girl in his high school! Seeing how bothersome his dream storyline turned out, he went to school on Monday and pulled Kotoko to the side. With no expression on his face he ripped his own button of his blazer, gave it to her and told her they're getting married in three years so plan accordingly. The End. Alternate Ending 3: Kotoko and Kin-chan go on a 10 year world food tour. After Naoki's engagement, Kotoko didn't stick around for the wedding. Instead Kin-chan invited her on a 10 year educational food tour around the world. Kotoko thought it would be fun to eat and see the world so she went ahead with Kin-chan. While on tour in South Korea she met Baek Eun Jo who reminded her a lot of Naoki. She married Baek Eun Jo and inherited a brother in-law named Baek Seung Jo and sister in-law, Oh Ha Ni. She found out she had a lot in common with Oh Ha Ni and they became best friends. Naoki ended up bored with his marriage and found joy in collecting the post cards Kotoko sent him from different countries. Kin-chan appeared on Top Chef and then created his own cooking reality show. The End. KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE