This joyous, endearingly cast weekend drama is the story of three sisters and their ups, downs, and romances as they struggle with life, marriage, and work. Song Sung Mi (Personal Taste), Maya (Magic), and Lee Yoon Ji (Heading to the Ground) star as the three sisters (a socialite, an apparent failure, and a successful career woman). Kim Dong Wook, best known as the playful Jin Ha Rim in The First Shop of Coffee Prince, co-stars. The Park sisters could not be more different from each other. Park Ji Won (played by Song Sung Mi) is the eldest, a charming, beautiful woman who apparently has it all. She married well after graduating from an elite college, but when her husband turns out to be demanding and perfectionist, her marriage turns to shambles. Mi-won (Maya), the second daughter, is the exact opposite. Possessing neither the beauty nor the brains of her older sister, she fails the college entrance exam twice before finally passing. Once there, she gets pregnant with her free-spirited boyfriend and elopes with him in defiance of her parents. Suffering from a deep inferiority complex because of her sisters getting more attention than her while they were growing up, she struggles to raise her child with her husband. Park Hye Won (Lee Yoon Ji), meanwhile, is the youngest daughter and as successful in her career as her eldest sister appears to be in her marriage. A driven workaholic, she has little time or interest in men, but when her mother begins setting her up on blind dates, she meets charming photographer Jae-ha (Kim Dong Wook). She is startled when he proposes to her not long afterward, but what she doesn't know is that Jae-ha's father has threatened to reposess his studio unless he gets married immediately. Jae-ha, meanwhile, doesn't know that he may have chosen just the wrong woman, for Hye Won has sworn never to get married after observing the misery of her oldest sister's marriage... Watch Dandelion Family on DramaFever!