Ultraman Izakaya has opened in Kawasaki, Japan for Ultraman fanatics, and for those who want to just drink in a different surrounding. And this place is definitely different.

Almost every kid in Japan who grew up in the late 60s through the 80s watched Ultraman and his family save Earth from Ultra Monsters every week on television. The 30 minute show starts off showing a peaceful day somewhere in Japan with everyone going about their happy lives, when suddenly a giant monster attacks, trampling all over buildings and spouting flames. The Science Patrol gets called and they attempt to destroy the monster with fighter jets and missiles. This never works, so finally the hero hides from the other team members to turn into Ultraman, a la Clark Kent. The monsters are like the evil version of Godzilla, but with all sorts of different breeds. They cause utter destruction. But right when things seem to get out of hand, Ultraman flies in from outer space and defeats the monster with drop kicks and special Ultra laser beams, eventually flying away and leaving all of us kids in awe. Being enormous, Ultraman would never forget to destroy entire city blocks by body slamming a monster or two onto the streets below. But he saved all of us. Every single week.

The monsters have now come back, this time opening an izakaya right in front of Kawasaki station, an industrial city right next to Tokyo. When you enter, Zetton, the first monster to defeat Ultraman and apparent hero amongst all monsters, welcomes you inside. The manager of the izakaya is Alien Baltan. Every individual booth has commentary and video of different monsters. All the dishes are named after Ultraman relevant themes, and merchandise is sold as well. You can even take home your Monster coasters!

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Unfortunatey, the izakaya is only open for a year. Monsters got other things to do.