Is today Throwback Thursday already? This is a tribute to all who cried your hearts out watching K-dramas. Dating from 2002 to 2007, these melodramas speak to the history of K-dramas. Take a look!

1. Ruler of Your Own World (2002)

This is not your cliche K-drama. Ruler of Your Own World, both a critical and commercial success, is about moody and reserved Jun Kyung (Lee Na Young) who falls in love with Ko Bok Su (Yang Dong Geun) although his ex girlfriend Mi Rae (Gong Hyo Jin) wants him back. Selling point: Ko Bok Su's endeavor to overcome his past and make sense of love. 

2. Stairway to Heaven (2003)

Stairway to Heaven has every element of a cliche K-drama you could imagine: first love gone wrong, rich family with issues and memory loss. However, its epic casts Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji WooKim Tae Hee and Park Shin Hye turn the somewhat dramatic, cliche story into a classic, legendary melodrama.

3. I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004)

Known for its awesome soundtracks like ballad singer Park Hyo Shin's "Snow Flower," I’m Sorry, I Love You is about a Korean adoptee from Melbourne, Australia (So Ji Sub) who seeks revenge on his blood parents for abandoning him. Trivia: In the drama, tiny actress Im Soo Jung can drink eight bottles of soju! It's also her only drama. A Chinese drama of the same name aired in 2014.

4.The Snow Queen (2006)

Genius mathematician Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) has a menial job of driving a rich man's car for living. He befriends the boss's daughter Kim Bora (Sung Yu Ri) and falls in love with her, who is terminally ill. Trivia: Sung Yu Ri wears 99 different high-end outfits throughout the drama.

5. Thank You (2007)

A children's story for adults. The I'm Sorry, I Love You writer collaborates with Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin in this beautiful drama about a surgeon, a single mother, and her daughter. Min Ki Seo (Jang Hyuk) takes care of Lee Young Shin's (Gong Hyo Jin) daughter with the HIV virus to keep his promise with his deceased lover, who accidentally had a baby girl infected with HIV under her care. 

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