We know pretty much every guy wishes Tiffany of Girls' Generation worked in their office, and September's Vogue Girl is giving you the chance to see what that would look like. Here the beautiful actress, singer, and model looks stunning in a quilted leather jacket and flared skirt. Oh and she can type without even looking! Below she's draped in a lacy mini skirt and sexy trench coat.

Tiffany displays her gorgeous eyes in a colored trench and lettered dress.

Here the 24-year-old handles all of the paperwork without breaking a sweat and is wearing a printed t-shirt and Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. Below check out Tiffany's flowy hair and flowery white top and mini skirt.

Here she is in a baseball jacket and black and white striped skirt, and Tiffany is so smart that she read all the books on the table before you even finished reading this post.