A brand new romantic drama, The Way We Were, is causing high anticipation — Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin will star in their first romantic pairing ever since their adorable reel-to-real romance in The Princess Weiyoung. Find out more!

It's not often that a real-life star couple co-stars in a drama again, despite fans' wishes. Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin have starred together four times already, including The Princess Weiyoung. It should be easy, right?

For Tiffany (aka Tang Yan), her journey to true love under the spotlight of entertainment news actually was quite tortuous. She dated Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu, her leading man in three romantic dramas, but they broke up in early 2013. The sad ending was reportedly very hurtful to Tiffany due to the very public revelation about the private details of their relationship.

Tiffany and Luo Jin, on the other hand, maintained their friendship over the years through their joint collaborations in A Beauty in Troubled Times, Agent X, and Diamond Lover. The friendship apparently transformed into romance during the filming of The Princess Weiyoung. On Tiffany's 33rd birthday in December 2016, they publicly confirmed their dating relationship to fans' delight and support. Many fans feel that it was a match made in casting heaven and should last.

It is 2018 now, and over a year since their dating relationship was announced. Fans really want to know when they'll marry and worry that their romance might not hold. Fortunately, the adorable couple appears to be going strong. The two stars are also coming back with their first romantic pairing since The Princess Weiyoung.

The Way We Were is a modern romance about a group of friends who are entangled in relationships. Despite different backgrounds and aspirations, the friends met during their study abroad. Years later, a couple. who had separated, meet again. Will their love rekindle?

We can't wait to see how Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin's new romance will unfold.

The Way We Were is slated to start on DramaFever in May. Add it to your watchlist now to get first notification.


The Way We Were (2018) - 归去来

Starring Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang

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Are you excited about The Way We Were? I know I am.

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