The Princess Weiyoung, a most highly-anticipated historical romance drama, has just held a fan meet in which leading stars Tiffany Tang (Perfect Couple), Luo Jin, and Vanness Wu (Meteor GardenAutumn's Concerto) talked about their unique characters. One of them even gave a hint of what ending to expect.

The stars met their fans on November 2, in Guangzhou, China.

Tiffany Tang plays the titular role, Princess Weiyoung, who disguises her true identity in order to survive upheaval after her country, Northern Liang, was conquered.  She is mistaken as the daughter of an aristocratic family in the Northern Wei. Her beauty and wit attracts Tuoba Jun and Tuoba Yu, two royal princes who will compete for the kingdom and Weiyoung's love. By chance, Weiyoung gets married off to an unexpected suitor in an arranged marriage. Will she ever be able to revenge for her family and find true love?

Because Tiffany Tang plays the lead role, she often had to work for 14 hours a day during the four months that it took to film the drama. Durinf the fan meet, she recalled the experience with fond memories, saying everyone worked particularly well as a team.

Luo Jin plays Tuoba Jun, the Emperor's grandson. In real life, the 34-year-old handsome actor has been linked to Tiffany as her romantic interest. The two are certainly friendly and have starred together in A Beauty in Troubled Times, Agent X, and Diamond Lover.

When asked if The Princess Weiyoung will have a happy ending, Luo Jin said the ending will be "satisfying!" 

Vanness Wu plays Prince Tuoba Yu. On screen his princely villain fights for the throne and Weiyoung's love, but Vanness's biggest challenge is the historical dialogues which are more complex than the regular Chinese language, and it is especially difficult to the 38-year-old actor who was born and raised in the United States.

He revealed that Tiffany often laughed at his mispronunciation, but would also patiently help him practice. Luo Jin would also stay in his spot even when the camera was only on Vanness, so that Vanness could finish his scenes with ease.

The Princess Weiyoung's story is so intriguing that the drama is getting a lot of pre-broadcast attention from DramaFever fans. 

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The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央

Starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin

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