Tiger JK's agency announced that a two-part documentary on his music life, "Onstage Hero Tiger JK.ing," will be aired on Mnet. The documentary marks the twentieth year since his official debut, and will commemorate his many years. Tiger JK has been a big influence in Korea's hip hop culture and music, since establishing himself twenty years ago in 1992. The documentary will unveil Tiger JK’s hidden stories from his distinguished career and will even include scenes of the musician acting and displaying high-level martial arts techniques.
Mnet added, “You will be able to relive the memories of the hip hop scene in the 1990s. With so many wondering about the hip hop musician Tiger JK, we look forward to showing you his true and honest side.”The documentary promises to be different from other traditional documentaries, combining different methods and styles of shooting. It is scheduled to air on December 10th on Mnet.