Time Renegades is number one at the Korean box office for the second week in a row!

The romantic thriller, starring heartthrobs Lee Jin WookJo Jung Suk and beauty Im Soo Jung, was released in theaters across the USA this weekend, and moviegoers fell in love. They joined the South Korean audience in their pure adoration of the men determined to save the women they both love. The exhilarating film made $2.5 million its opening weekend in South Korea, and it doesn't seem to be leaving the number one spot anytime soon

Zootopia and fellow South Korean films The Last Ride, Insane and Love Lies rounded out the top five. 

After attending the Chicago screening, I could tell that Time Renegades would be a box office hit with K-movie fans here because everyone was so excited before and after the premiere. Viewers raved about Lee Jin Wook's handsome appearance and how incredible South Korean films are in general. The chemistry between the stars on screen and the top-notch acting truly brought the characters to life and into the hearts of everyone watching. The only thing missing from the screening was a surprise fan meeting with the main cast!

Time Renegades Screening in Chicago

Posted by DramaFever on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time Renegades is all about two men changing the past and future through premonitions from their dreams. They also embark on heroic pursuits to save the love of their lives. 

Have you seen Time Renegades in a theater near you? Which main actor would you love to see make a special appearance at the theaters? 


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