By Sara A. Layne Ladies and gentlemen, our prayers to the kdrama gods have been answered! DramaFever will now air Time Slip Dr. Jin and I Do, I Do. Please allow me a few moments of happy dancing.  *busts a quick kpop move* Alright, now that that’s out the way let’s get down to business. Dr. Jin stars Jaejoong, Park Min Young, Song Seung Heon and Lee Bum. I know this is what everyone was waiting for right? (*wiggles eyebrows and bats lashes*) It’s a medical/historical drama about a genius doctor, Jin Hyuk, who gets sent back to the Joseon Dynasty and struggles to find his way back to modern day. While he’s there, he begins to find new ways to treat sick people. The people are resistant at first but in the end he perseveres and is considered a genuine doctor. There is a lot of conspiracy, double crossing and of course a love triangle. Oh and did I mention Jaejoong? A must watch. This is another drama I’ve been waiting for because I am SUCH a Kim Sun Ah fan. When I started watching k-dramas, I made sure to watch every drama she starred in and I loved all of them. I Do I Do is about a successful shoe company director, Hwang Ji An, who has a one night stand with a co-worker and ends up getting pregnant. Her strongest rival, takes the chance of that moment to overthrow her company position while she meets again with her old love who is now her Gynecologist.  This drama stars Kim Sun Ah, Im Soo Hyang, and Park Tae Kang. It sounds extremely funny and I for one am excited to see what the shoe styles look like. Once again I’d like to thank the k-drama gods and Dramafever for adding these two incredible dramas to their lineup. Let me know how you like the new dramas in the comments below or tweet it to me @couturekitty. Read more from @couturekitty here!