Calling all arachnophiles and time-keeping aficionados out there! Meet the limited edition Arachnophobia, the latest performance art timepiece created by luxury clockwork manufacturer MB&F. At a whopping 16 inches across with the legs fully flat, it will strike you as a huge mechanical daddy long legs at first.

But it's a lot more.

Arachnophobia is made up of 218 components. Swiss clockmaker L'Epée 1839 engineered its inner workings for MB&F's 10th anniversary with all of the expertise in their award-winning, 175-year arsenal. The clock itself and its domed face are the spider's body, with the intricate mechanical movement as the head. The key to wind the clock is underneath, hidden from view, and an Incabloc shock protection system cushions the balance wheel from falls, knocks, and whatnot.

This thing might be a bit creepy in appearance, but in terms of high-end workmanship, file this piece under exquisite, folks. Strikingly simple luxury on your desk, coffee table, or wall.

With the ball-and-socket legs fully extended, it stands 8 inches tall -- wow! Although the "time creeping up on you" element is pretty clever, the clock was actually inspired by renowned artist Louise Bourgeois and her famous spider sculpture Maman.

I'll have to enjoy just sitting back and admiring the pictures because only an aficionado with deep pockets can afford to buy this high-end conversation piece. The lacquered black version (palladium-plated brass) goes for $15,800. USD, and the 18K gold plated brass version will set you back $18,050. 


All images: MB&F

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