Last week, we gave you a list of Korean actors we would love to have as best friends, and I let it slip that I have an entire folder on my computer dedicated to Siwon's many ridiculous faces from She Was Pretty. Some of you requested that I share my folder of faces with the world, and who am I to deny the people? If it's Siwon faces that you want, Siwon faces you shall have!

Because he makes me feel every single emotion on the planet during this show, here are 15 Siwon faces that perfectly capture the K-drama-watching experience:

1. When I can't decide which drama to watch next:

2. When the second lead is causing unnecessary problems:

3. When the leads are inching forward for a kiss:

4. When I'm waiting for the next episode to come out:

5. When there's a shocking twist!

6. When there's a gigantic plot hole, but I'm gonna let it slide:

7.When your favorite character is heartbroken:

8. When someone asks if I want to go out instead of watching dramas:

9. When I see the K-drama Truck of Doom coming:

10. When there's an episode extension and the plot suddenly turns crazy:

11. When I found out my favorite actors have been cast in a new drama:

12. When a character actually tells the truth instead of being a noble idiot for five episodes:

13. When the characters DON'T tell the truth and have unnecessary problems for five episodes:

14. When the female lead finally stands up for herself and puts the antagonists in their place:

15. Whenever Siwon shows up on my screen:

But then...

How is it possible not to get just a little twinge of Second Lead Syndrome for this guy? 


We're only at the halfway point in She Was Pretty, and I can't wait for the many, many Siwon faces to come! Let's just hope they aren't all heartbroken faces, deal? Deal.

If you haven't been watching She Was Pretty or if you just want to go back and re-watch all of Siwon's scenes, you can check it out below!