Heartthrob Li Yifeng stole the show as the lovestruck celebrity in Fall in Love Like a Star. No matter how popular he became in the entertainment business he could never forget his first love. When they meet again by chance, sparks fly and he sweeps his on-screen lover Tian Xin (actress Yang Mi) right off her feet. Their love story was so touching it made us all jealous! You were part rooting for them, and wishing your significant other could be just like him.

I have listed six times in the film you wished Li Yifeng was your boyfriend.

1. He cherishes gifts from his girlfriend. A simple pen is near and dear to his heart because its from her. It's amazing that he kept that same pen for years! 


2. His dreams are important, but he is willing to drop everything and return to his sweetheart. Why? Because he missed his lover so much!

3. When his lady is sick, he is determined to go to her house and take care of her.

4. He is a wizard! The way he can magically make turbulence stop in the skies by openly professing his love in an airplane.

5. He reminds his on-screen love that she is the most important person in the world to him. She's one in a million! 

6. He can't emphasize enough that an award means nothing, because all he wanted was her. 

After you finish swooning, tell me your favorite Li Yifeng boyfriend moments in Fall in Love Like a Star


Fall in Love Like a Star

Starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng

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