Lee Sang Yoon is heading back to our screens this weekend with his new series Twenty Again, where he'll play a theater professor who still can't forget his first love (Choi Ji Woo). Imagine his surprise when he finds out that she has decided to go back to school as one of the students at his university! We've loved Lee Sang Yoon in hi earlier dramas like Angel Eyes and Liar Game, and many of his fans instantly recognize him by one easily distinguishable trait — his gorgeous dimples. To celebrate seeing more of his stunning smile soon, let's look back at 10 times Lee Sang Yoon mesmerized us with his dimples.

1. Doctor dimples

2. Coy dimples


3. A Dimple in Time

4. Casual dimples


5. What kid wouldn't trust these dimples?


6. Stylish dimples

7. My, what attractive...dimples...you have...

8. Eye smile + dimples = swoon

9. Press conference dimples


10. Dimples in action

Be honest: how many times did you watch that last GIF? What's your favorite Lee Sang Yoon role? Are you excited to see him in Twenty Again?

Fortunately, we'll be able to see much more of those beautiful dimples soon! You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE to see the show as soon as it airs on Friday, August 28. Check out the cute teaser featuring Lee Sang Yoon below!