Do you enjoy working out? Check out the work-out tips from some of your favorite Asian stars. See if it works for you.

1. So Ji Sub from Oh My Venus

Tips: Three "No"s - No rice, no alcohol, no salt

So Ji Sub mentioned in an interview that he kept a strict diet during to the whole time, even when hanging out with a group for lunch. So Ji Sub would bring his own bento box with only chicken and a potato. Besides the diet, he also worked out 3-4 hours a day. 

2. Elvis Han from Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

Tips: Sports, sports and sports

Elvis Han is good at various sports, like basketball, car racing, and skiing. He said to the media the only thing he is not good at is dancing. He said if he had the chance to play a role of one of his favorite sports, like the Fast and Furious movies, he would desperately want to be part of it. 

3. Rain from My Lovable Girl

Tips: Running

Rain is a great runner, and he has been running for years. Rain said running keeps him refreshed, and he can run for hours per day if the time permits. Running actually helps to build up his chest muscles.

4. Eddie Peng from Sound of The Desert

Tips: Intensive training

Eddie Peng got very intensive training to build up his muscle. He woke up at 7 am and practiced til noon. After lunch, he would practice for another 2-3 hours. During the practice, he would include spinning, side crunches, and parallel bars, etc. Within three months, Eddie Peng's body fat rate decreased to 3% (the average man's body fat rate is around 20%).

5. Vanness Wu from Autumn's Concerto

Tips: Choosing the right time and making the right schedule

Vanness Wu has a very tight schedule for his workouts. Morning time is for breakfast (one egg, some milk, and one piece of bread), and after 1.5 hours, it is time for a workout. For afternoon and evening, two hours after lunch or dinner, and the workout must end one hour before bed. 

Watch Elvis Han's physique in the popular drama Wu Xin: The Monster Killer: