Tokyo summers are notorious for being hot and incredibly humid. But this summer, a new shaved ice cafe in Roppongi promises to cool Tokyoites down with its special shaved ice.

Street vendors in Japan have sold shaved ice forever, delighting kids and adults alike on hot summer days. Flavors have always been pretty basic: strawberry, melon, bean, maybe green tea and sweetened condensed milk. In recent years, there have been new flavors, like rainbow and blue hawaii. But there's never been shaved iced flavors like those offered now at Yelo, a high-end shaved ice cafe in Roppongi.

How about an avocado shaved ice? Or tiramisu? The menu a Yelo consists of ten basic flavors. To go along with the traditional strawberry and green tea, there are also newer flavors like chai, carrot and caramel. There are a number of toppings you can get, like almonds and Oreos. After 8PM, they even serve rum raisin and rum berry sake infused shaved ice named the "Night Kakigori."

Despite it still being a little chilly at times in Tokyo, Yelo is always packed with not only women and couples, but salarymen in suits sitting by themselves enjoying their favorite shaved ice.

The prices are a little steep for a shaved ice, about 800 yen, which is about eight dollars. But you won't care when you take that first bite of a tiramisu shaved ice on a hot, humid, Tokyo evening.

Yelo is situated right in the middle of all the Roppongi bars and nightclubs. Like them, Yelo is open all night.