As many of you already know, when it comes to coming up with wacky snack flavors, Japan can compete with the best of them. For the upcoming holidays, Japan's number two snack manufacturer just announced the release of its original "Strawberry Shortcake" flavored potato chips, proving once again that the Japanese really do have a thing for oddball munchies.

If you love salty and sweet, Koikeya's new potato chips belong on your Christmas list. Starting December 14, convenience stores throughout Japan will have the world's first strawberry shortcake flavored potato chips on their shelves. For anyone throwing a Christmas party, these chips may be perfect, as the need to buy a cake AND chips will not be necessary. For only 130 yen, which is about a dollar, you can offer your guests the privilege of tasting something that they've definitely never tasted before: a salty potato chip with the subtle aroma and flavor of a sweet strawberry shortcake. Plus, any guests who are worried about their caloric intake can just have a few chips instead of eating a fattening cake full of sugar!

For those who can't wait until the 14th, or for those who are planning a huge Christmas party with a lot of guests, Koikeya has started taking pre-orders as of today. The offering comes with 12 bags of chips in a special box, along with a Christmas card, all for the price of 1980 yen (including shipping), which is about 16 dollars. Now that's pretty exquisite.

So if you're planning on being in Japan over the holidays, don't forget to make a visit to the local convenience store.


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