K-pop girl group EXID's arrival at LAX airport for the 13th annual Korea Times Music Festival was one of TMZ's latest topics for discussion. The celebrity news, gossip, and scandal source made fun of member Jung Hwa's foreign accent when she responded to one of their reporters in English. Following the segment's nationwide broadcast, fellow K-pop stars and even EXID's agency has rushed to defend the girls.

F(x)'s Amber had this to say about TMZ's actions: “I was gunna stay quiet but i cant. Seriously, @tmz not cool man. All Americans face palm at your rude and childish actions.” Roy Kim completely agreed with the "Red Light" singer and simply tweeted, "Amen to this," in direct response to her message.

2PM's Taceyeon continued to support EXID by posting this statement on Twittter: "When they make fun of someone because of their accent, are they unaware that the person has perfect command over a completely different language? Haha. Just wow.. to making fun of someone for replying in English to fans in the U.S. that came to see them.”

EXID's agency, Yedang Enterainment, concluded that it was racism that fueled the conversation, and they would be "contacting TMZ through Korean media on site and will be demanding countermeasures.”

Watch the unfortunate segment that caused the uproar below: 

After further review, Yedang decided not to press charges against TMZ. They recently told Newsen it was regrettable that the report was not positive, but they decided to accept it as the gossip source showing interest in their girl group.

In my opinion, TMZ isn't nice to the majority celebrities of any race. It is their trademark to make fun of stars to get attention, and I don't take anything they say to heart. American accents vary across the country. There is no "right" way to speak English.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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