On February 23, ASTRO will finally release their very first mini-album! Their agency, Fantagio Music, told the media today that the members Yoon San Ha, MJCha Eun WooMoon BinRocky, and Jin Jin will not only do full-scale promotions but star in a reality series too. The upcoming show ASTRO Ok Ready premieres next month on DramaFever.

ASTRO has toured 14 locations since their pre-debut short series To Be Continued. After promising to meet fans every month if they gained 10,000 friends on KakaoTalk, the boys have met 1,800 fans through This Month’s Date already. 

Fantagio asked fans to highly anticipate their new boy band's debut. The boys plan to reward fans who have been supporting them since last year with a “perfect and cool” performance. ASTRO will even celebrate their debut with 1,600 fans in the Children’s Park Wapop Hall on February 23.

The talented boy band was first introduced to us last summer through their fun web drama. Fans around the world have been patiently waiting for the series to continue in real life with the new idols joining the K-Pop scene. That day is almost here, and I'm sure K-pop fans can't wait to see them on stage and holding a concert near them in the not so distant future.

Are you already a diehard ASTRO fan? Which song from To Be Continued are you hoping to hear on their mini-album?

The reality show ASTRO Ok Ready will premiere on DramaFever in February. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE, and check out the guys in To Be Continued below:

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