Olympic figure skater, Evgenia Medvedeva, finds inspiration from K-pop boy group EXO. She is a self-declared EXO fan with the word “EXO-L” attached on her Instagram profile. EXO-L, which stands for EXO-Love, refers to EXO’s official global fanclub.

At the Gangneung Ice Arena on Sunday, Medvedeva competed in the short program and ended up breaking her own record with 81.06 points, according to AP. The 18-year-old Medvedeva glided on ice to Chopin’s Nocturne, but listened to EXO in her headphones before the short program.

"It's unreal inspiration and it really improved my mood. I feel more confident because of them,” she told AP.

She has autographs and letters from the EXO members, and will probably catch EXO perform at the Olympics closing ceremony.

On Medvedeva’s Instagram, another phrase she uses to describe herself in addition to EXO-L is “anime otaku.” She tweets about anime, and performed in Sailor Moon costume in Japan last year.

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Cover photo: Evgenia Medvedeva / @jmedvedevaj

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