By: Lea

While in KPop that is not the exact question most ask, questions about entertainment companies’ policy on “teasers” should be asked. How many teasers should you release and when is it too many?

Currently all artists release teasers for their upcoming promotions. Generally there are several kinds of teasers. They vary from simple song teasers, a 30 – 40 second snippet of the song, to MV teasers where you get a portion of the music video in advance.

Again this is common place, however currently it seems that the “teasing” has gotten to be a bigger game. With more and more artists debuting, entertainment companies are trying to get the upper edge on the competition. For some bands this means more teasers, and, for others…well, it means a new avenue, ie. the YG Family train.

For those focusing on the number of teasers versus the other areas of promotion, one has to ask how many is sufficient to peak the audience’s interest. A company needs to balance giving the fans what they want and crave, while holding back something from them, and over exposing their group to the masses to the point they no longer care. With two promising boy groups, one that just debuted and one about to debut, this stigma can be seen.

B.A.P. is a 6 member boy group that debuted under the entertainment company TS Entertainment on January 26. Prior to their debut, teaser images for each member were released to the public. Two members, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, also had released a unit song before the group’s official debut. In addition to that, a teaser for the music video for their title track “Warrior” was released.

Even prior to their debut, B.A.P. received an explosive response. Their charisma and powerful looks won over several fans’ hearts. With the release of the single MV teaser, it drew comparisons to another boy group about to debut. However it was not for the reasons one would normally think. Instead of comparing the vocals, the dance, or even the looks of the members, the comparison was simply over teasers. B.A.P. with their one teaser, was being compared to the group EXO, who to date have release 16 teasers through their company, SM Entertainment.

EXO is a complex group consisting of 12 members who will be broken into two separate groups, EXO-K and EXO-M. EXO-K is the Korean version, while EXO-M is the Chinese (Mandarin) version of the group. The division of the group has yet to be disclosed, nor has the debut date. However, despite not providing that information, SM Entertainment began releasing video teasers of the members in December last year. These videos display the various members skills, ie. dance and martial arts. They also released a “prelude” song called What is Love in both Korean and Mandarin.

While both groups have their share of fans, the comparison of the two has also bred a rivalry. That rivalry is not simply over who is the better group, but more along the lines of who “teased” better. The debate over the quantity of teasers is rampant amongst the two fandoms.

Fans of B.A.P. tend to point out that their boys didn’t need a multitude of teasers to gain a fan following. They emphasize that their single teaser was more captivating than any and all of EXO’s teasers. They also mention that with that many teasers they would have lost interest.

On the other hand, fans of EXO love the abundance of goodies provided to them by SM. They flock to them and post thousands of complimentary comments. The “prelude” song What is Love has even racked up over a million views for the Korean version. Most fans of the group see the teasers as keeping the boys at the forefront of the press/media and the fan’s minds.

The questions of how many teasers to release and when it is too many are more to the preference of a specific fan. As a fan of neither group (yet), I am happy to get more than one teaser, but believe that 16 member teasers without a debut date in sight may be a bit of overkill. I can see why fans can become bored by the redundant releasing of them. However, in B.A.P.’s case, perhaps their successful “teasing” is more to do with the exposure of the two members Bang Yong Guk and Zelo than the fan called awesomeness of the teaser. Either way, the choice is the fans. Which do you prefer, more teasers or less teasers?

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