By Sara A. Layne:

That is truly the question isn’t it? Actually the real question is whether or not we should finish a drama. We’ve all been there. We start watching a drama with high expectations but by episode 5 we are so “over it” that we turn off the TV (or laptop like in my case) never to return to the drama again. As much as I love k-drama’s I have been in the situation more than once, most recently with Me Too, Flower.

I heard how awesome the show was from my facebook group and I love watching dramas that have already been completed so I dived right in. I don’t know what happened. I watched the first episode and chuckled at her inner struggle with “depression” and looked forward to the second episode. Somewhere, however, between episodes 4-5 I zoned out. I actually forgot about continuing until someone asked me if I liked the show. I told them I didn’t finish it and the look on their face was priceless. How could I NOT finish watching a drama, the wanted to know? Seriously? Why would I want to sit through something that can’t keep my interest? I know many people say you have to give a drama at least 2-3 episodes to decide whether or not you should continue with it, which is what I do. We’ve all seen City Hunter, right?

How many of us thought about not watching it simply because of the first episode? (raises hand) As a matter of fact it took me about 3 times to watch the first episode just to get all the way through it. I am so glad I did though. City Hunter taught me to be patient and actually give dramas up to five episodes before making my final decision on whether to finish a drama or not. The other reason we sometimes don’t finish the drama is because of a time lapse. Let me explain. We start watching a drama and all of a sudden, life happens. You work gets crazy, school starts back up, whatever the reason, you have to stop watching a drama. By the time you get back to it, you can’t remember what episode you left off at. Then the question pops up. Do I start over? Or just stop altogether?

I got all the way to the last episode of this drama before life came at me and I had to stop. It was almost a week before I had time to sit down and finish it. Naturally I had forgotten quite a bit of the story line and had to rewatch a few episodes before being able to finish it.

I actually had to think if I really wanted to waste all that time to get to the ending. I love Kim Sun Ah as an actress and the drama was pretty good but I just didn’t know if I really wanted to do it. I did, though and was glad I finished it. What are your thoughts on finishing dramas? Do you power through it just to get to the end or do you just chalk it up to an accident and stop while you’re ahead. Let me know in the comments! For more from Sara, click here!