Toilet paper for smartphones? That's exactly what you'll find if you ever step foot in a public restroom at Japan's Narita International Airport. With more than five to ten times the number of germs than on a toilet seat, our phones are contaminated with bacteria and every other gross microbe under the sun. How convenient would it be if this special toilet paper was available in restrooms everywhere?

Yes, it's true — our smartphones are disgusting. Since we take them everywhere, it only makes sense that they are exposed to all forms of germs, many of which can literally make you feel very ill. Not many of us do it, but thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our phones is something that should be done every so often. In Japan, a genius idea regarding smartphone cleanliness has recently been put into practice, thanks to the creative minds at NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest mobile phone operator. Installed in most restrooms at Narita International Airport is a separate toilet paper dispenser specifically for the use of wiping smartphones. Since studies have shown that up to 90% of smartphone users check emails and text messages while sitting on a toilet seat, it makes perfect sense to make available special paper to clean phones after being used in a bathroom stall. Wipe yourself after you finish your business, then wipe your phone after you finish its business. How perfect!

So far, the smartphone toilet paper is only available at Narita. But hopefully, many more restrooms all across Japan will get equipped with the phone-wiping paper sometime in the near future. Then it might only be a matter of time before we're all able to clean our smartphones while going to the restroom, no matter where we may be in the world. In the meantime, make sure to clean and disinfect your phones the conventional way, because no matter how clean they look, they really are pretty disgusting.



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