The biggest travel site in the world, TripAdvisor has announced that according to its second ever Cities Survey, Tokyo was voted the "Best Overall Experience" for tourists. The survey was based on 54,000 responses from travelers who had written reviews for TripAdvisor and beat out both Barcelona and New York City.

The cities were judged based on 16 categories and Tokyo finished first place in the following:

"Helpful Locals," "Best Taxi Services," "Cleanest Streets," "Best Public Transport" and "Best Overall Experience"

In a very impressive manner, the city also ranked in the top 10 in 13 of the 16 categories. The news comes at a good time as Japan is hoping to attract 20 million visitors a year by 2020. Food and Wine also wrote about a post about why Tokyo is better than Paris for visitors.

Singapore also scored very high on the survey as it finished first in the "Comfort Traveling Alone" category and second in "Cleanliness of Streets," "Best Taxi Service," "Family Friendliness," and "Ease of Getting Around."

New York City, Dubai, Rome, Vienna, Cape Town, Paris, Dublin and Berlin round out the list of other cities that scored high on the survey.