For those of you who like going to museums, if you didn't go see Toilet!? Human Waste and Earth's Future, you might have missed the exhibition of the year. This exhibition at the National Musuem of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba, Tokyo, was put on so that visitors could learn and appreciate the value and importance of toilets and everything related to them.

It's really not that often that you think about toilets, how they actually work, or how important they are in our daily lives. Unless you're trying to be funny or gross, people just don't talk about these things very much. But toilets and what happens in them are very important to all of us, and that's what the organizers of this exhibition wanted to show people, and kids especially. With projection mapping of singing toilets, and poop hats for little guests and a poop mascot named Wipey, this exhibit goes all out to educate people through fun exhibits and materials with facts regarding human waste and how to be healthy and environmentally conscious now and in the future. 

As funny or weird as all this can be, it's actually very educational and important. A subject matter like this is not something you think about often, but once in a while, learning about how things work and appreciating the process is sure to be beneficial. But something tells me not many people were waiting in line to get into this exhibition.

Thank you toilet projection mapping

Superunchi = Superpoop

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Seems not too crowded...