Theme cafes and restaurants for popular animation characters in Tokyo are nothing new, but this new one scheduled to open in January already has fans of Pokemon talking as they eagerly wait for January 9, when they'll be able to visit  Pokémon Cafe ΩRuby&αSapphire in Shibuya's Parco department store.

To celebrate the release of the new game Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire, the Pokémon Cafe ΩRuby&αSapphire will open on the 7th floor of Parco Part 1, a hip department store frequented by trendy youngsters in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Like other official animation character-themed cafes, this one is open only for a limited time, until the end of February, so fans will only have a month and a half to enjoy this Pokémon heaven cafe. Along with a number of menu items (some of which are pictured below), there is a designated photo area and a bunch of limited edition cafe souvenirs and memorabilia available for sale.

Just like the Sailor Moon Crystal cafe that closed its doors a few weeks ago at another Parco department store in Tokyo, the lines at Pokémon Cafe ΩRuby&αSapphire will no doubt be too long if all you're looking for is a regular cup of coffee.

Pikachu pancakes

Pikachi Monster Ball cream puff

When a prosecutor discovers he has months to live, can he turn his life around and tear down corruption? Find out in the gripping melodrama Punch:

Pikachu omurice (rice omelette)

Pikachi hamburger

Pokemon Cafe fried potatoes

Pikachu's Electric Shock parfait

Genshi Kyeogre dessert plate

Pikachu hot latte

Pikachi iced latte

Pokemon coasters

Pokemon place mat

Clear file, notebook and cotton tote bag

lunch tote bag, handkerchief and glass set