For any of you who happen to be obsessed with all things Sherlock Holmes, I know the perfect place for you to visit. There's a Sherlock Holmes Pub, where you can eat and drink some English pub food and beer while being in a total Sherlock Holmes world. You guessed it--this pub is in Japan.

The Japanese often go all-out with their interests and hobbies, and the best thing about it all is that almost every existing genre in the world is covered in Japan. You can find fans of everything. Somebody, somewhere, is totally obsessed with your favorite whatever.

So it's no surprise that a pub dedicated to Sherlock Holmes exists in Japan. This dedication, unfortunately, is temporary, lasting only until September 12th. Fans of the iconic English series can gather and share their passion with like-minded strangers. Many come dressed up, while others bring their prized collectible items or memorabilia. Events and games are held, and the pub also has their own many items on display. How fun it always is, to be surrounded by people who have the same passion as you for something you love. And if you can play dress-up with them AND get drunk at the same time? As Sherlock Holmes would say, " very exciting."

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