On January 8th, Tom Cruise along with Rosamund Pike and director Christopher Macintosh were appointed honorary citizens of Busan. The leads and director of the action thriller Jack Reacher will receive their honorary citizenship at a red carpet premiere of the movie in Busan, Korea. This marks the sixth time Tom Cruise has visited Korea for movie promotions, but it will be his first time attending an event in a city outside of Seoul. It was reported that Tom Cruise was the one who suggested the event take place in Busan, so he could meet fans outside of Seoul. To show their gratitude and appreciation, the city of Busan revealed it will grant the trio the honorary citizenship. Jack Reacher premieres in Korea on January 17. Can Tom Cruise now proudly call himself a Korean, or maybe more so a Busan-ese? (Source: www.enewsworld.mnet.com)