When the timing is right, nothing is impossible! It was perfect timing for Tom Cruise to guest star on Running Man, the hottest South Korean variety action show. Running Man was able to get not just the international superstar himself, but also his Mission Impossible - Fallout co-stars Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg to appear on the latest episode for some interesting fun and games. Find out more!

For the very special episode, the RM team is tasked with a specially designed mission called "Catch the Undercover Agents."

Three of the RM regulars are designated as agents working for the M agency, headed by Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg.

The entire RM team is then told that they are the R team, but there are three "spies" among them.

The goal for the R team is to catch the undercover agents, while the M agents must find out who the R team's head is in order to win.

They will also play three exciting games against the top MI:6 operatives to receive extra hints.

But before that, Tom, Henry, and Simon couldn't wait to show off the "love hearts" they've learned in South Korea. They even found new ways to show the cute finger hearts.

It's an extremely fun episode, and it has received record ratings in South Korea.

Which team won? And, who got to play games with the MI:6 stars?

Watch the fully English-subbed episode 321 here!

BTW, guess which star is Jun So Min's secret crush? Her teammates even teased her about her reaction.

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